Shocking story from back home

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I usually am pretty good about following up on stories and important stuff going on in my hometown of Kellyville, Okla.  I was shocked when I was reading post after post on Facebook about a girl that I went to school with, who was a couple  of years younger, had been going through something tragic.  I thought it could be pretty serious so I went snooping on my local Tulsa channel news apps on my iPhone.  Then I came across it, the story about the woman I went to school with and her 4-year-old daughter.  The story was first published saying an intruder came into the woman and her live-in boyfriend’s home and raped the woman’s daughter while the couple’s son was in the home as well.  It didn’t really add up to me and sounded as if the boyfriend could have been the suspect.  The story went on to state that the family’s dog had been stabbed to death and thrown by the neighbor’s trailer.  I checked up on the story and later found that the boyfriend was guilty of rape and then I noticed the change of relationship status on Facebook.  Thank God the victim and her mother are getting away from the man who would do this.  It’s crazy to believe I know this poor family.



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After I was already super upset about not attending the Coachella Music Festival in California this past week, I was even more upset when I found out what it was that was played during one of the performances.  I am pretty sure the video has went viral and it is all I have heard about since it happened a couple of days ago.  A performance with a few popular artists has surfaced and gone viral because of the realness to the Tupac Shakur tribute and performance.  The performance was made possible by holographic images that were played on a screen.   The performance looks so real that it has conspiracists and fans wondering if Tupac really is still alive or not.  Obviously, he isn’t really still alive but I did find the performance and video very interesting and a good watch this week.  However, after all the talk and hype, I was expecting something a little more crazy and entertaining.

My sweet baby Rocky

This is the sweetest puppy ever.  But he really is the most evil dog I know.  He looks adorable but he growls and barks and makes the oddest sounds ALL  of the time.  The good thing about him, is he definitely can entertain himself.  He has the best time with all of his toys and my roommates schnauzer, Scruffy, they’ve been best friends since they  met.  Rocky is four months old now, I got him as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend.  It was the first Christmas present from him ever (it was our first Christmas together).  We went all the way to Henryetta to a sketchy Walmart to get sweet baby Rocky.  We picked him out from a picture we received in a text from the lady.  I picked Rocky because he was a boy, the color I wanted and was cute because he was so fat and fluffy.  I know why now, he eats way too much and my roommates worry he’ll be obese and unhappy before to long.  So we’re back to a cup of food a day.  Anyway, we read up on them, and I got the idea because we wanted to both really like the dog.  I wanted a smaller furry and fluffy dog and he wanted a big manly dog with short hair.  We settled on this middle size dog with medium to short length hair.  He was perfect! I also have a corgi that is about 12 years old now, named Chloe, I got her for my ninth birthday from my grandparents.  She is also really fat and has an eating problem. But she’s still kickin! She really doesn’t like the visits from Rocky.  Even though I think he gets the idea that is his mom.  Anyway, I love my puppy!!!

I thought of th…


I thought of this in the sense of living life to the fullest but at the same time it has a lot to do with my religious views and it reminded me that we all have a purpose here.  Anyway, I got this cool free app for my iPhone where I have been getting thousands of quotes! 

“The purpose of life is …


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” – Robert Byrne

I thought of this in the sense of living life to the fullest but at the same time it has a lot to do with my religious views and it reminded me that we all have a purpose here.  Anyway, I got this cool free app for my iPhone where I have been getting thousands of quotes! 

Spring Break

As much as I wish i was going to be lying on a beach for a week, I am still happy to be going back to Tulsa to spend most of Spring Break with family and friends.  And most importantly, nine days that I can spend doing absolutely nothing! A week worth of classes that I won’t have to think about, and that sounds great! I am a little sad I’m not going somewhere really cool for Spring Break, I have to think I went to Panama City Beach last Spring Break and had my fun with that.  I think this year it is definitely understandable to keep this one less crazy.  It will be a different Spring Break, but I am sure it will be just as entertaining and interesting as last year’s Spring Break stories.  

Today.. I had a pretty lucky day.

Today started early this morning with the dreadful thought of having class from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. because Tuesday’s are the worst.  I was also not looking forward to having to push through the day with the idea that it was still an hour earlier because of Daylight Savings time.  Anyway, I was running late this morning for an Editing test that I had at 10:30.  When I get to the Student Union parking garage, I see that the receipts to park are out of order so you are to remember the time you enter.  I am in such a hurry, (and I feel really bad about this) but I parked in the nearest parking spot to the journalism building right in the Handicap spot.  I made it to the test right on time and returned to my car an hour and a half or two hours later to find that I DIDN’T GET A TICKET! I decided after that I’d push my luck some more and park illegally in my driveway by blocking part of the sidewalk.  I was there for a good hour and didn’t get a ticket then! I go to my 3:30 class to find out we don’t have to attend class Thursday.  Earlier that day our Editing professor told us we wouldn’t have class tomorrow, which was my only class Wednesday, which made me real happy.  Later while I am on my way to my 3:30 class I am dreading the idea of having to attend the night class at 6:30 until I check my emails and see that our teacher (and may he get well soon) was ill and couldn’t attend class this week so hour midterm has been moved from the Tuesday after Spring Break to the following Tuesday.  Perfect!!! That is the luckiest I have been in months!