“Oh No, It’s Tax Season!”

Everyone hates taxes, except the tax services that are overflowing with business this time of year.
After working on this enterprise package I realized how many people actually go to tax services places, basically everyone! Jackson Hewitt customers spoke with us about how they have put their trust into these companies to professionally work on their taxes to get them what they deserve.
That made me wonder what these businesses are like when it’s not tax season, when everyone is rushing to finish up before April 15. The manager at Jackson Hewitt, Byron Bolton, said some of the locations aren’t actually open year around but only for the beginning of the year until most of the tax extensions are completed and filed.
He also said during tax season here in Stillwater, the three locations file anywhere from 500 to 600 customers’ taxes. I thought that was interesting considering there are at least four other tax services in the area.
That made me realize the high demand for these services during tax season and how rare it is these days for someone to do their own taxes. With all of these online tax services available, I would think the number of customers who go in to file their taxes would have decreased recently.
I think the most interesting thing I learned from the interview was that taxes this year are different than any other because of the fiscal cliff the U.S. is dealing with right now. He didn’t go much into detail but said because of new tax laws and changes; all of the different tax forms were not complete until Feb. 14. This is really slowing this tax season down because everything “is a little behind”.
Bolton mentioned a year ago today he would have had a slow day, but this year they have been swamped!


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