Rossi the Approval Poodle

Rossi the Approval Poodle and her owner, Judy Savage, ran around campus after visiting with friend Anne Hargis.
The 6-year-old black Standard poodle, full name “Diana Rossi” came to promote the book that has made her famous, “Rossi the Approval Poodle”.
Savage and Ross were set for a meet and greet that was put on by the OSU Center of Veterinary Health Sciences at McElroy Hall from 5:30-6 p.m.
The event had about 30 children and parents there to get a free book “signed” by Rossi herself.
The book, which promotes better living, was brought about after Savage had a conversation with her 4-year-old granddaughter, June Marie.
Before the book made Rossi famous, she was still visiting children’s hospitals, nursing homes and libraries to spread cheer.
Rossi started at 18 months old as a therapy dog going from patient to patient brightening their day.
The book can be purchased on the website, for $15 with free shipping and handling. The website also features a blog that shares insight of their visits.


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