This video never gets old, and I never refrain from crying


Now I am usually the last person to cry in a movie or after watching a sappy show.  But when I watched this video about a year ago, this is one thing that makes me a little teary-eyed every time.  I think everyone should watch it, and it’s not even three minutes long!  This video is about the cutest, sweetest little lion that is raised in a contained backyard by his owner until he gets too big.  He is sent to live in the wild.  After a couple of years, the previous owner who raised him wanted to go back to see him.  Scientists and the zoologists explained to him that there was no way the lion, Christian, was going to remember him.  On the video you see the owner and Christian reunite for the first time.  He runs to his owner and gently puts his paws around him like he is giving him the biggest hug.  Then he introduces the man to his “girlfriend,” the lion remembered him and you see how true the love between the two still is.  He even introduced his lion girlfriend to his previous owner for acceptance.  It was precious!


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