Shocking story from back home

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I usually am pretty good about following up on stories and important stuff going on in my hometown of Kellyville, Okla.  I was shocked when I was reading post after post on Facebook about a girl that I went to school with, who was a couple  of years younger, had been going through something tragic.  I thought it could be pretty serious so I went snooping on my local Tulsa channel news apps on my iPhone.  Then I came across it, the story about the woman I went to school with and her 4-year-old daughter.  The story was first published saying an intruder came into the woman and her live-in boyfriend’s home and raped the woman’s daughter while the couple’s son was in the home as well.  It didn’t really add up to me and sounded as if the boyfriend could have been the suspect.  The story went on to state that the family’s dog had been stabbed to death and thrown by the neighbor’s trailer.  I checked up on the story and later found that the boyfriend was guilty of rape and then I noticed the change of relationship status on Facebook.  Thank God the victim and her mother are getting away from the man who would do this.  It’s crazy to believe I know this poor family.



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