My sweet baby Rocky

This is the sweetest puppy ever.  But he really is the most evil dog I know.  He looks adorable but he growls and barks and makes the oddest sounds ALL  of the time.  The good thing about him, is he definitely can entertain himself.  He has the best time with all of his toys and my roommates schnauzer, Scruffy, they’ve been best friends since they  met.  Rocky is four months old now, I got him as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend.  It was the first Christmas present from him ever (it was our first Christmas together).  We went all the way to Henryetta to a sketchy Walmart to get sweet baby Rocky.  We picked him out from a picture we received in a text from the lady.  I picked Rocky because he was a boy, the color I wanted and was cute because he was so fat and fluffy.  I know why now, he eats way too much and my roommates worry he’ll be obese and unhappy before to long.  So we’re back to a cup of food a day.  Anyway, we read up on them, and I got the idea because we wanted to both really like the dog.  I wanted a smaller furry and fluffy dog and he wanted a big manly dog with short hair.  We settled on this middle size dog with medium to short length hair.  He was perfect! I also have a corgi that is about 12 years old now, named Chloe, I got her for my ninth birthday from my grandparents.  She is also really fat and has an eating problem. But she’s still kickin! She really doesn’t like the visits from Rocky.  Even though I think he gets the idea that is his mom.  Anyway, I love my puppy!!!


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