Today.. I had a pretty lucky day.

Today started early this morning with the dreadful thought of having class from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. because Tuesday’s are the worst.  I was also not looking forward to having to push through the day with the idea that it was still an hour earlier because of Daylight Savings time.  Anyway, I was running late this morning for an Editing test that I had at 10:30.  When I get to the Student Union parking garage, I see that the receipts to park are out of order so you are to remember the time you enter.  I am in such a hurry, (and I feel really bad about this) but I parked in the nearest parking spot to the journalism building right in the Handicap spot.  I made it to the test right on time and returned to my car an hour and a half or two hours later to find that I DIDN’T GET A TICKET! I decided after that I’d push my luck some more and park illegally in my driveway by blocking part of the sidewalk.  I was there for a good hour and didn’t get a ticket then! I go to my 3:30 class to find out we don’t have to attend class Thursday.  Earlier that day our Editing professor told us we wouldn’t have class tomorrow, which was my only class Wednesday, which made me real happy.  Later while I am on my way to my 3:30 class I am dreading the idea of having to attend the night class at 6:30 until I check my emails and see that our teacher (and may he get well soon) was ill and couldn’t attend class this week so hour midterm has been moved from the Tuesday after Spring Break to the following Tuesday.  Perfect!!! That is the luckiest I have been in months!


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