Rush Limbaugh Controversy

Rush Limbaugh Controversy

I enjoy reading the different blogs and news posted to the Huffington Post.  Sometimes for fun, sometimes I need to catch up on my current events for quizzes and tests for a couple of classes.  I was looking earlier today and noticed a heading about Rush Limbaugh calling someone a “slut,” which wasn’t surprising to me at all.  So of course I clicked on the link.  It also struck my interest because the controversial word was toward a woman who wasn’t given the right to speak at a contraception hearing.  This seemed even more interesting since the big talk right now is pro-life, pro-choice beliefs and women’s rights to abortion.  I know it is a touchy subject but because the topic is so popular, it’s hard for newspapers, radio and TV talk show hosts, to keep it out of their mouths.  A student from Georgetown University was discussing the topic of birth control by stating she’s having so much sex in law school and needs cheaper or free contraception.  The student, who was a Democratic witness (go figure), was obviously just speaking her opinion.  Whether she put her beliefs about birth control out there by saying it will lesson abortions or if she did decide to go about it by saying she’s “having so much sex,” it is not OK or professional for Limbaugh to call the girl a “slut,” but then again, it is Limbaugh and it’s what he is paid to do and what makes him as famous as he is today, for his opinion.  We all have them, I just thought this radio clip was interesting.   


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