2012 Presidential Election

Between working on my Media Entrepreneurship Midterm and doing my weekly blog post for the class, I came across something very interesting.  I had planned this week to do a blog covering my thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election.  This sparked my interest, one because I enjoy politics and think this country needs A LOT of help getting out of this rut, and two because of how busy I have been with school, I haven’t had much time to skim through the Huffington Post online to see what is being said and debated between the running candidates.  Before I started this post, I was reading a case study that just so happened to be about the founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington.  Then I realized, not only is she an amazing woman who has done so much for women and has international best-selling books, but I came across a paragraph, which said “In 1995 Huffington syndicated a political newspaper column with Newt Gingrich on developing private sector solutions to poverty in America.” This crossed my mind that maybe it is well known, but maybe it’s not that Gingrich and Huffington have worked together in the past and being in the political ring and aspect, they must have a lot of political views in common.  This made me consider that I should continue to look over the Huffington Post and see if there is any type of bias aspects leaning toward Gingrich over other political parties and presidential elects.  I’m sure if there was any controversy or actual conflict of interest going on that the news and other sites would be all over the story.  This then led me to think that the Huffington Post is showing their positive credibility to their audience and subscribers by keeping any bias aspects in the upcoming election.  This to me, is a very good example of keeping a businesses credibility by being completely unbiased.  And the fact that the site is much different than most news sources because they are collaborated with more than 3,000 bloggers, which I also learned after reading the case study.  That’s all!


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