Computer-Assisted Reporting

This semester I am taking a journalism class that is required for me to graduate.  Although Computer-Assisted Reporting sounded difficult at first, it is actually more interesting than anything.  Aside from the usual interview and interviewee relationship between the journalist and the source, there is a whole other aspect of the journalism world and that is the statistical facts that are usually hard numbers, which give the writer a sense at just how the story or feature can unfold.  For a class project, which is 40 percent of our grade, we are required to do an in-depth story that is backed by statistical data that we have put into an Excel worksheet and analyzed the data for hours.  In doing so, we have been using tools in Microsoft Excel that I had no idea existed, which also makes the class more interesting and contains value to the lesson.  Our assignment is to work with a partner covering some focus on the topic of methamphetamines.  My partner and I have decided to work on the angle of meth use and the domestic abuse that often comes with it.


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