Media Entreprenuership Business Proposal

For our group project, we decided to go with the business concept of a coupon type of organizing application for iPhones, iPads and other smartphones.  The idea is a combination of Groupon and other coupon websites.  Our focus is solely on household items, clothing and accessories, which is aside from the usual grocery coupons.  Our idea is to focus on name brand stores and their coupons will be alerted to subscribers through push notifications.  There is also a convenient way to organize the stores into folders that are made up by customers.  Instead of having to have a computer and printer at hand, you simply show your phone to the store employees who will scan or use a certain code for the discount.  These deals are more focused on “40 percent off everything,” while the usual coupon savers focus on “15 cents off canned green beans.” This is what would make our proposal unique.  Because we are in Oklahoma, we would start our business in the midwest region and expand to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  I think this would be a productive application for many women ages 18 to 55 and for men as well.  These types of savings are too hard to pass up, but it’s hard to bring a coupon book with you to the mall for back to school clothes shopping, which would make this app very useful.


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