Pet Peeve No. 5,768

TOOTHPASTE! It’s a tricky thing to buy.  It’s hard for me to know which toothpaste I want, I hardly know what brand I want.  Of course I know of Colgate but I usually just go for the one that says something about whitening on it.  I know I want my teeth clean, and I want them super white, so makes sense to me.  I think it’s so hard for me to decide on a toothpaste because it does last so long, especially if you’re the only one using it.  The one big problem I find with picking toothpaste is that you can’t tell what kind of lid or cap it is going to have on it.  I hate getting the kind of toothpaste with the huge lid that pops open.  I hate that.  It clumps the toothpaste up,which I have noticed is usually a littler thicker than the screw-cap kind.  With that lid and those clumps it’s hard to close the lid completely causing the toothpaste to harden!!! It’s a very tedious issue, especially since I have ended up with the lid the last two times.  That’s all.


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