COLLEGE: Year 3 Semester 2

Now that my junior year is almost over, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I want to do with my multimedia journalism degree.  I’ve been thinking so much that I have decided to pursue a double major in multimedia journalism and public relations through OSU’s School of Media and Strategic Communications.  I hope to start locally as a news reporter in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area.  If I am fortunate enough, I would like to try to move farther east or west toward California or New York (of course), but I would also be very happy with working in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  I hope to be an anchor after a few years of experiencing the rough ends of the reporting world.  I think thus far in the semester all of my classes and journalism classes in particular are definitely giving me the hands-on experience for the real-world of the media.  From different real-life situations shown through cases to working on actual news stories using data.  I’d have to say this semester my Computer Assisted Reporting class has me most interested because of the watchdog journalism aspects of the class.  It gives students the idea and knowledge of knowing what information and data is public and available to anyone and everyone for further investigating.  I look forward to finishing out my junior year. And hopefully with a 4.0.


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