2012 Presidential Election

Between working on my Media Entrepreneurship Midterm and doing my weekly blog post for the class, I came across something very interesting.  I had planned this week to do a blog covering my thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election.  This sparked my interest, one because I enjoy politics and think this country needs A LOT of help getting out of this rut, and two because of how busy I have been with school, I haven’t had much time to skim through the Huffington Post online to see what is being said and debated between the running candidates.  Before I started this post, I was reading a case study that just so happened to be about the founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington.  Then I realized, not only is she an amazing woman who has done so much for women and has international best-selling books, but I came across a paragraph, which said “In 1995 Huffington syndicated a political newspaper column with Newt Gingrich on developing private sector solutions to poverty in America.” This crossed my mind that maybe it is well known, but maybe it’s not that Gingrich and Huffington have worked together in the past and being in the political ring and aspect, they must have a lot of political views in common.  This made me consider that I should continue to look over the Huffington Post and see if there is any type of bias aspects leaning toward Gingrich over other political parties and presidential elects.  I’m sure if there was any controversy or actual conflict of interest going on that the news and other sites would be all over the story.  This then led me to think that the Huffington Post is showing their positive credibility to their audience and subscribers by keeping any bias aspects in the upcoming election.  This to me, is a very good example of keeping a businesses credibility by being completely unbiased.  And the fact that the site is much different than most news sources because they are collaborated with more than 3,000 bloggers, which I also learned after reading the case study.  That’s all!


Computer-Assisted Reporting

This semester I am taking a journalism class that is required for me to graduate.  Although Computer-Assisted Reporting sounded difficult at first, it is actually more interesting than anything.  Aside from the usual interview and interviewee relationship between the journalist and the source, there is a whole other aspect of the journalism world and that is the statistical facts that are usually hard numbers, which give the writer a sense at just how the story or feature can unfold.  For a class project, which is 40 percent of our grade, we are required to do an in-depth story that is backed by statistical data that we have put into an Excel worksheet and analyzed the data for hours.  In doing so, we have been using tools in Microsoft Excel that I had no idea existed, which also makes the class more interesting and contains value to the lesson.  Our assignment is to work with a partner covering some focus on the topic of methamphetamines.  My partner and I have decided to work on the angle of meth use and the domestic abuse that often comes with it.

Media Entreprenuership Business Proposal

For our group project, we decided to go with the business concept of a coupon type of organizing application for iPhones, iPads and other smartphones.  The idea is a combination of Groupon and other coupon websites.  Our focus is solely on household items, clothing and accessories, which is aside from the usual grocery coupons.  Our idea is to focus on name brand stores and their coupons will be alerted to subscribers through push notifications.  There is also a convenient way to organize the stores into folders that are made up by customers.  Instead of having to have a computer and printer at hand, you simply show your phone to the store employees who will scan or use a certain code for the discount.  These deals are more focused on “40 percent off everything,” while the usual coupon savers focus on “15 cents off canned green beans.” This is what would make our proposal unique.  Because we are in Oklahoma, we would start our business in the midwest region and expand to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  I think this would be a productive application for many women ages 18 to 55 and for men as well.  These types of savings are too hard to pass up, but it’s hard to bring a coupon book with you to the mall for back to school clothes shopping, which would make this app very useful.


I love Valentine’s Day, of course only if I have a boyfriend or significant other to celebrate it with.  This year I do have a boyfriend and I can’t wait to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together. Now usually I am not the lovey-dovey type that likes to talk about love and cute stuff, but Valentine’s Day is the one exception.  It’s a day that can be quite depressing for those who don’t have someone to celebrate with, but I think you can still make it fun with your friends and family.  I remember all through grade school and even high school my mom would always get me something cute for Valentine’s Day and I loved that. Now that I am off at college I don’t usually see her around Valentine’s Day but luckily she has someone in her life too to celebrate with.  That’s important to me because my mom does so much for me and really deserves the best.  I also still enjoy getting little presents for some of my best girl friends like a little candle or candy, just something fun to make Valentine’s Day great for everyone.

An Interesting Song Choice


I usually don’t like country music but being from a small, country town there are a lot of country stations.  During Christmas break while I was home this song came on and it was pretty catchy.  The next time I heard it I actually listened to the words. I realized the song was almost exactly related to Kellyville.  It was neat, that almost all of the little things in the song are exactly like Kellyville, where I come from.  It made me kind of proud to come from Kellyville for a lot of reasons.  I like that the town moves at a slow-pace with no stoplights. It made me think of how important Kellyville will always be to me because I grew up there and was taught everything I know.  It’s where I came from!

Pet Peeve No. 5,768

TOOTHPASTE! It’s a tricky thing to buy.  It’s hard for me to know which toothpaste I want, I hardly know what brand I want.  Of course I know of Colgate but I usually just go for the one that says something about whitening on it.  I know I want my teeth clean, and I want them super white, so makes sense to me.  I think it’s so hard for me to decide on a toothpaste because it does last so long, especially if you’re the only one using it.  The one big problem I find with picking toothpaste is that you can’t tell what kind of lid or cap it is going to have on it.  I hate getting the kind of toothpaste with the huge lid that pops open.  I hate that.  It clumps the toothpaste up,which I have noticed is usually a littler thicker than the screw-cap kind.  With that lid and those clumps it’s hard to close the lid completely causing the toothpaste to harden!!! It’s a very tedious issue, especially since I have ended up with the lid the last two times.  That’s all.

COLLEGE: Year 3 Semester 2

Now that my junior year is almost over, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I want to do with my multimedia journalism degree.  I’ve been thinking so much that I have decided to pursue a double major in multimedia journalism and public relations through OSU’s School of Media and Strategic Communications.  I hope to start locally as a news reporter in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area.  If I am fortunate enough, I would like to try to move farther east or west toward California or New York (of course), but I would also be very happy with working in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  I hope to be an anchor after a few years of experiencing the rough ends of the reporting world.  I think thus far in the semester all of my classes and journalism classes in particular are definitely giving me the hands-on experience for the real-world of the media.  From different real-life situations shown through cases to working on actual news stories using data.  I’d have to say this semester my Computer Assisted Reporting class has me most interested because of the watchdog journalism aspects of the class.  It gives students the idea and knowledge of knowing what information and data is public and available to anyone and everyone for further investigating.  I look forward to finishing out my junior year. And hopefully with a 4.0.