Final Blog!!!

I am so happy this is the last blog post, not saying they aren’t fun to write sometimes! However, being the last blog post that means it is the end of the semester and time for a nice long break! I know I am in desperate need of a nice three week break.  Over all, this class has been fun and enjoyable.  I have learned a lot more than I actually expected to learn.  At the beginning of the semester, I said I wanted to learn my way around computers and the internet and different programs and that I did!  My most enjoyable part has been the website designing.  All though we have only had time to learn our way around Adobe Fireworks, it is making me really want to get more into the different types of website designs.  I really enjoyed the different assignments we did throughout the semester but they were a lot harder than I expected! There isn’t much I would change about the class other than giving the students the rubric of each assignment before they have to do it.  Just so they have a better idea of what will be expected.  That is about all I would change.  The class was very enjoyable and helpful with all of the useful things I have learned!!