Blog 12

For the blog this week, I wanted to try and find a viral commercial that I had never seen before.  I came across this Heineken commercial and thought it was a pretty good idea! However, I’m not so sure that this really happened.  It most likely went viral first of all, because it is a beer commercial and everyone knows those are usually pretty humerous.  I found the video to be really interesting and even though it was longer than a minute, it was able to keep my attention long enough to see the results of the fridge!  In my opinion, it was a pretty good video, the actual shooting wasn’t that great but whether or not the men in the video were actually making a homemade video, the camera men atleast made it look like it.  The impact of the video may have made people want to buy Heineken or atleast look into other videos they have on Youtube.  After watching the video, I found that there were a couple of spin offs of the Heineken fridge that had different characters in it and a little different outcome.  I haven’t noticed people referencing it in real life but the people in the commercial made it seem like they were.  I also found it odd that the commerical didn’t focus on selling Heineken but more on building a huge fridge out of an apartment building.  It is not until the end that you see the Heineken on display.  Good video overall!


One thought on “Blog 12

  1. How unique! I wasn’t sure how they made it until the end when it showed the box sticking out of the building. They executed the humor really well.

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