Blog #11

Now I have to say, finding a bad video on Youtube was so much easier than this week’s blog assignment.  I found that it really is much harder to find a well made video or a video that has had a lot of effort put into it.  In this case, the only “good videos” I could find were videos that were professionally made like my example of the Today Show.  The video was very well recorded and you could tell that expensive equipment was being used to keep the camera in place, which it was the entire time.  Also you can tell that there had to have been more than one video camera doing the recording because the camera angles are always on the right spot and always focused on the main point.  This was an example of a good video to me because the sound was heard well during the music but also the interviewers and the people being interviewed were being heard well also.  There was some natural sound because it was shot outside but not to where natural sound was drowning out everything important.  The people recording definitly knew when to shoot up close and when to shoot from a distance for viewers to get the best picture and outcome of the video.  Then ending was one of the best parts how the camera angles are able to zoom in closely then it gets farther away from the scene, I think that gives it a dramatic aspect to the video.  But a nice part of the video, is that it isn’t completely put together where it seems to perfect.  It has the feeling of just a fun video and fun people in it, yet has a professional appearance to it.  I also found the video to be very entertaining and fun to watch!


One thought on “Blog #11

  1. This video cracks me up, you know it makes me wonder if I really want to do this for my wedding or not. A lot of people are now doing this and the more I think about it the more fun I think it would be.

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