Video Assignment

Here is my video assignment that I chose to do as an interview of an event taken place at the Tri Delt sorority house, like a news reporter.


Blog 13

For this week’s blog assignment, I was really excited and relieved when I found out we were free to write about whatever!  What came to mind for me was that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means Thanksgiving break is even closer!!  I could not be any more excited about this.  Although, this semester feels like it has gone by extremely fast, I really need a break!  I just keep telling myself, “only one more week,” luckily, I will be able to go home next Monday night because I have a doctors appointment Tuesday back home, so I’ll have to skip my two classes that Tuesday, but I’m sure it won’t be a big deal!  Most importantly, is the fact that the Bedlam game is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to get to witness Oklahoma State BEAT Oklahoma!  It’s gonna be one of the best games in awhile.  So I will be coming back to Stillwater for the game Saturday to tailgate and a few of my friends from home are coming back up here with me to watch the game, so Saturday should be a good time!  The thing I am most excited about is that I can go home and sleep in my nice bed and just relax for awhile, and of course see my cute little puppy, Curtis!  I feel like I haven’t been home in forever so I am really excited to just spend time with my family and get the chance to eat good, healthy, home-cooked meals made by my mom.  I’ve really missed her the most just because we are so close and we have a really good and open relationship!  Plus the fact that I will be able to see all of my friends from back home and high school will be nice as well. 

  Overall, I just think it is nice to have a change in the atmosphere and change of pace and everyone needs a break.  I think after I get back from the break I’ll be ready to do my best in my classes and finish out the semester!  Not to mention we only have three weeks left of the semester when we get back from Thanksgiving break.  Then I’ll have an even longer break to be able to relax and be home for a couple of weeks!  Even though this week and next Monday are full of due dates for huge assignments, like the video assignment worth 200 points, a persuasive speech, the High Five assignment (which is a major deal for my Style and Structure class and has been stressing me out for awhile).  I know I’ll get through it and try my best because I am so close to having a break.  I like to think of it as a huge downhill slope after Thanksgiving break!  All assignments will be done, then it is just dead week to study my little heart out then the finals and I am done!  I know my break is going to be full of fun and relaxing times.  I plan on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving on “Black Friday” and hopefully get all of the Christmas shopping done and get a couple winter/fall clothes to wear to class! 🙂 Also, I am getting my hair done while I’m home and it is much needed.  So I’ll hopefully come back with a cute new hair cut as well! Well that’s about it for my plans for the break!  I hope everyone else has a great Thanksgiving break too!

Blog 12

For the blog this week, I wanted to try and find a viral commercial that I had never seen before.  I came across this Heineken commercial and thought it was a pretty good idea! However, I’m not so sure that this really happened.  It most likely went viral first of all, because it is a beer commercial and everyone knows those are usually pretty humerous.  I found the video to be really interesting and even though it was longer than a minute, it was able to keep my attention long enough to see the results of the fridge!  In my opinion, it was a pretty good video, the actual shooting wasn’t that great but whether or not the men in the video were actually making a homemade video, the camera men atleast made it look like it.  The impact of the video may have made people want to buy Heineken or atleast look into other videos they have on Youtube.  After watching the video, I found that there were a couple of spin offs of the Heineken fridge that had different characters in it and a little different outcome.  I haven’t noticed people referencing it in real life but the people in the commercial made it seem like they were.  I also found it odd that the commerical didn’t focus on selling Heineken but more on building a huge fridge out of an apartment building.  It is not until the end that you see the Heineken on display.  Good video overall!

Blog #11

Now I have to say, finding a bad video on Youtube was so much easier than this week’s blog assignment.  I found that it really is much harder to find a well made video or a video that has had a lot of effort put into it.  In this case, the only “good videos” I could find were videos that were professionally made like my example of the Today Show.  The video was very well recorded and you could tell that expensive equipment was being used to keep the camera in place, which it was the entire time.  Also you can tell that there had to have been more than one video camera doing the recording because the camera angles are always on the right spot and always focused on the main point.  This was an example of a good video to me because the sound was heard well during the music but also the interviewers and the people being interviewed were being heard well also.  There was some natural sound because it was shot outside but not to where natural sound was drowning out everything important.  The people recording definitly knew when to shoot up close and when to shoot from a distance for viewers to get the best picture and outcome of the video.  Then ending was one of the best parts how the camera angles are able to zoom in closely then it gets farther away from the scene, I think that gives it a dramatic aspect to the video.  But a nice part of the video, is that it isn’t completely put together where it seems to perfect.  It has the feeling of just a fun video and fun people in it, yet has a professional appearance to it.  I also found the video to be very entertaining and fun to watch!