Blog # 10

  Well this video is HILARIOUS!  I do kind of feel slightly bad for the little girl but at least she’s having fun!  I have to give her credit for trying but since she is the only one in the room and is charge of the camera on the tri pod or whatever it is setting on, it is awful!  First of all, The whole light flickering was a nice added touch but she was off center when she is supposed to be the main concern and shot on the video camera.  The sound on the other hand isn’t too bad because it is really close to the camera and she isn’t actually saying any words.  Another problem is when she comes up every now and then to get extremely close and either adjust the sound of the music or adjust the camera,  it’s just really taking away from her talent when the camera doesn’t have the correct angles it should! Sometimes she gets a little carried away and her arms will get thrown out of the camera shot cutting off half of her body.  However, from some of the other videos I watched, atleast the camera isn’t shaking or movie a whole lot and there really isn’t any background noise.  This video is actually not too bad for a kid her age but it definitly does have things that should be fixed.

  She could have fixed a few things by possibly having someone doing the recording so that she stays in the shot in the correct place.  Also if she is going to do the light flickering effect then she should probably have another person do the whole light switch thing.  Also the lighting isn’t too bad but the main part she is in  could have been better; it gets really dark at times and the left side has more lighting.


4 thoughts on “Blog # 10

  1. I saw that video when I was searching too! It’s pretty funny and like you said pretty good for a girl her age. The light flickering and her moves right after are awesome lol

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