Blog #9

This is the week of Homecoming and so much other stuff going on! Needless to say I will be very very busy all week. I had a test today, a 4 to 5 page paper due this Thursday, a group project due November first. Which not to mention Homecoming weekend I won’t get any work done and the following weekend is Halloween, so that’s a weekend full of nothing school related. Because of the next two weekends being so busy, I am forcing myself to do all of my homework this week. Not only the homework but I also volunteered to babysit for one of my friends while she went out for the first time in awhile. Basically, this week is stressful and I have so much going on plus I’m trying to lose weight in time for halloween so I can feel comfortable dressing up next weekend. That is definitly not working out too well since I went to the gym tonight for the first time in probably over two months! I’ve also been trying to eat healthier but that hasn’t worked out since all of my fall break was spent laying on the couch with my roommates watching Redbox movies and eating candy, popcorn, and Sonic. Over all, I am a mess! I have so much going on this week/month and I feel like I have no organization and have no control over my life. It’d be nice to have a break of no work for a week which clearly won’t happen until Christmas break! Great!


3 thoughts on “Blog #9

  1. It always seems that things get rough at the worst times. I know this year I had two test during homecoming week. I don’t think teachers do it on purpose but it really makes it rough sometimes.

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