Blog #7

For my Podcast, I listened to an episode by NPR: 09/26/2010 Pop Culture. This is refering to the way new television shows are not as popular as the the reruns that we as viewers, have watched for years. Broadcasters see that money is in the selling of an original show like Roseanne or “Royal Pains” to another network that will play rerun after rerun. This is affective because viewers don’t have a problem watching shows over and over. Every network has a slogan that goes with it in commercials. For instance, TBS “is very funny”. As for the new shows they are not getting as much credibility as they should. As for NBC they haven’t produced any new shows that viewers want to watch like they enjoy watching reruns from the 1990s.
I enjoyed this podcast because they kept it interesting by mentioning networks that we have all heard of and shows we actually watch, especially the shows from the 1990s. I also liked how they would use quotes from bigtime producers and network producers also in the background. As for the different voices, I do enjoy the woman’s voice, Jesse, her voice sounds to me like she knows what she is talking about and has definitly researched her information. The way they use the Friends song in the background and another show from the 1990’s show is very affective. While the main character is discussing the topic, you hear background sound of a show where a scene is being acted out. This Podcast used stories that come from an NPR reporter Jesse, TV executives, author of books about reruns, and the main character that tells the body of the story. The organization of the Podcast is an introduction with a few people being quoted and interviewed about reruns and networks today and what is being played. An NPR News reporter gives a summary of what will be talked about and statistics, while some background sounds are being heard all before the main character speaks about reruns versus new television debuts.
Overall, this Podcast was very interesting and I personally can relate to this episode because I do enjoy watching television reruns like Roseanne, Home Improvement, etc.. Before listening to this, I had no idea that selling a television show to another network made so much money for reruns. I did enjoy this Podcast because of the interviewers and quotes from others while it is all tied up by the main character.


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