Blog # 10

  Well this video is HILARIOUS!  I do kind of feel slightly bad for the little girl but at least she’s having fun!  I have to give her credit for trying but since she is the only one in the room and is charge of the camera on the tri pod or whatever it is setting on, it is awful!  First of all, The whole light flickering was a nice added touch but she was off center when she is supposed to be the main concern and shot on the video camera.  The sound on the other hand isn’t too bad because it is really close to the camera and she isn’t actually saying any words.  Another problem is when she comes up every now and then to get extremely close and either adjust the sound of the music or adjust the camera,  it’s just really taking away from her talent when the camera doesn’t have the correct angles it should! Sometimes she gets a little carried away and her arms will get thrown out of the camera shot cutting off half of her body.  However, from some of the other videos I watched, atleast the camera isn’t shaking or movie a whole lot and there really isn’t any background noise.  This video is actually not too bad for a kid her age but it definitly does have things that should be fixed.

  She could have fixed a few things by possibly having someone doing the recording so that she stays in the shot in the correct place.  Also if she is going to do the light flickering effect then she should probably have another person do the whole light switch thing.  Also the lighting isn’t too bad but the main part she is in  could have been better; it gets really dark at times and the left side has more lighting.


Podcast Assignment

Here is the link to our podcast by Bob Clougherty and Justin Racette about Walmart and its effects Internationally and on small town America and how it has made a huge impact on the economy!

Blog #9

This is the week of Homecoming and so much other stuff going on! Needless to say I will be very very busy all week. I had a test today, a 4 to 5 page paper due this Thursday, a group project due November first. Which not to mention Homecoming weekend I won’t get any work done and the following weekend is Halloween, so that’s a weekend full of nothing school related. Because of the next two weekends being so busy, I am forcing myself to do all of my homework this week. Not only the homework but I also volunteered to babysit for one of my friends while she went out for the first time in awhile. Basically, this week is stressful and I have so much going on plus I’m trying to lose weight in time for halloween so I can feel comfortable dressing up next weekend. That is definitly not working out too well since I went to the gym tonight for the first time in probably over two months! I’ve also been trying to eat healthier but that hasn’t worked out since all of my fall break was spent laying on the couch with my roommates watching Redbox movies and eating candy, popcorn, and Sonic. Over all, I am a mess! I have so much going on this week/month and I feel like I have no organization and have no control over my life. It’d be nice to have a break of no work for a week which clearly won’t happen until Christmas break! Great!

Blog #8

Music is one of the ways to express one’s self in different ways and show the character of a person. I personally love to express myself through music for many reasons. Music can always make me happy and depending on the different types of music, it can make you feel a certain way. Some music makes you happy, want to party, or some brings back memories of the past and the people in. My music style varies but my favorite band is MGMT. I started to enjoy them a year ago as a freshman in college when my friend introduced me to them. Their music caught my attraction because their songs are all happy, no matter what there isn’t a care in the world with their songs. The genre of their music is a guitar-electro type of music. They sing about dreaming and doing outrageous things. Their music videos are also amazing and are the most detailed videos I have ever seen. They are never realistic and for instance the “Electric Feel” takes place in another world that is magical where everyone is just care free. There are many different things going on in the scenes and possibly a lot of drugs but that is what they like.
MGMT first started in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York and signed in 2006 with Columbia records. They first were called the Management but then later shortened it to MGMT. The band consists of two people, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, they started out small but have become more and more popular to this day. They have had hits like “Electric Feel”, “Time to Pretend”, and “Kids”. They can be compared to The Flaming Lips and Scissor Sisters. One of their most prominent accomplishments is being ranked the 18th best album of the decade by Rolling Stones. Their music is somewhat controversial in the media because of their lyrics that reference to drugs and being a celebrity and doing whatever they want in the song Time to Pretend.
After I started listening to all of their music I started to like more of the music like that. More of the guitar-electro music like Passion Pit and music that is relaxing and happy. Although these songs do relate to drugs a lot it is all really catchy music that is never depressing. All of their music is around the same type of stuff but it never gets old. It is really interesting how they never run out of ideas and can come up with these crazy ideas that most people could never come up with but everyone finds it to be very interesting. Even the background music is different like “Kids” for instance has a really interesting background music of chinese music or something like that. I have been looking forward to hearing their next album come out and would love to be able to explore more of this type of genre and look into what their music really means. This type of music can be read in a more literal way rather than just stating the obvious like a rap song or a country song.

Blog #7

For my Podcast, I listened to an episode by NPR: 09/26/2010 Pop Culture. This is refering to the way new television shows are not as popular as the the reruns that we as viewers, have watched for years. Broadcasters see that money is in the selling of an original show like Roseanne or “Royal Pains” to another network that will play rerun after rerun. This is affective because viewers don’t have a problem watching shows over and over. Every network has a slogan that goes with it in commercials. For instance, TBS “is very funny”. As for the new shows they are not getting as much credibility as they should. As for NBC they haven’t produced any new shows that viewers want to watch like they enjoy watching reruns from the 1990s.
I enjoyed this podcast because they kept it interesting by mentioning networks that we have all heard of and shows we actually watch, especially the shows from the 1990s. I also liked how they would use quotes from bigtime producers and network producers also in the background. As for the different voices, I do enjoy the woman’s voice, Jesse, her voice sounds to me like she knows what she is talking about and has definitly researched her information. The way they use the Friends song in the background and another show from the 1990’s show is very affective. While the main character is discussing the topic, you hear background sound of a show where a scene is being acted out. This Podcast used stories that come from an NPR reporter Jesse, TV executives, author of books about reruns, and the main character that tells the body of the story. The organization of the Podcast is an introduction with a few people being quoted and interviewed about reruns and networks today and what is being played. An NPR News reporter gives a summary of what will be talked about and statistics, while some background sounds are being heard all before the main character speaks about reruns versus new television debuts.
Overall, this Podcast was very interesting and I personally can relate to this episode because I do enjoy watching television reruns like Roseanne, Home Improvement, etc.. Before listening to this, I had no idea that selling a television show to another network made so much money for reruns. I did enjoy this Podcast because of the interviewers and quotes from others while it is all tied up by the main character.