Game Day at OSU

Here at Oklahoma State University our football is taken very seriously! The best part of football is the game days for students. I myself enjoy tailgating with friends and family before then going to watch the game. The tailgating experience here is like no other and is a much bigger deal than at other colleges. The amount of school spirit here is crazy, from the OSU alumni coming to watch and the students here today, to the future OSU students who all come out to support their favorite Oklahoma team. My favorite part of game days are being able to dress up in all orange and wear cowboy boots, cute bows in the hair, etc.. Not to mention the chanting and songs being played during the game that all of the fans sing along with the band to. As for the most important game every single year, is the Bedlam game played between OSU and the University of Oklahoma that are our rivalries! This is the most intense game that everyone tunes into watch on tv if they are not able to be in the stadium. This just adds to the badness of OSu game days. I believe being able to go to the game as a student here, takes away some of the stress from our everyday classes and class work for a time to relax and have fun with friends and family and know you are a part of something huge!


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