Blog #5

For Blog #5 I found a pictorial video on the New York Times website.  Here is the link to the video.

“Choosing to stay, fighting to build.”

Todd Heisler, is the photographer in charge of this pictorial video.  This video shows the struggles the citizens of Haiti are going through after the earthquake that hit in on January 12.  The slides show the hard work these natives have to put in due to the government giving no help or hope for their country.  The style of photography is very unique because the pictures are never focused on a person.  There are people in the pictures but the bigger picture is the environment and things around them.  For instance, the most compelling picture to me was a photo of a narrow road through town with children on the side with the words “help me” painted on the wall.  This just shows how desperate these natives are and how serious this matter is that they all need help.  From all of the photos you can tell the country was very poor to begin with and the earthquake made a huge impact, from lives being taken to homes and jobs being destroyed.  A very interesting photo showed that the people are not giving up.  One of the photos showed another wall spray painted that said “viv Jesus” as in Jesus lives.  They believe there is still hope even though if others were too look at their conditions would most likely give up.  The story is presented in a way that shows real people suffering and working to survive.  This makes things seem so much more real with the actual photos being taken in Haiti rather than just facts and statistics with music in the background.  Also the way Heisler has the young boy in the background being interviewed makes it that more impacting on the viewers to hear these things from a child and the background music towards the end of the actual Haitians singing and praising like there is a tomorrow and still living life.  Also the photo of a body that had been trapped and died, and the way Heisler blurs out the back of the photo to focus in on a young women’s facial expression.  Something children should never have to experience or worry about.  Heisler did a great job on making the pictorial story effective and has made viewers much more aware of what is going on in Haiti and the help they need through the detailed photos and interviews of citizens.  I enjoyed watching the video and after watching would really like to get involved in ways to help the Haitians recover.


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