Blog #2

As a Broadcast/Journalism major, I have often wondered about the diversity issue in the media and news.  I used the Society of Professional Journalists website,  I came across an article by Leo E. Laurence, J.D.; Member: SPJ National Committee on Diversity and Latino Journalists of California.  Laurence describes the issue today as the news media using all the air time for high-speed police chases and criminal cases.  The topic is based on, “If police stories were eliminated from many of the local TV news shows here, a half-hour program might be reduced to about ten minutes” (Laurence 1).  I believe this is true in today’s society, our local news channels need a new way of bringing diversity into the air time by different cultures.  Laurence believes that diversity from different parts of the world’s culture from Native American’s to Asian American’s and so on, this would bring different topics up in our “breaking news” and headlines of the nightly news.  Another important part to the diversity issue would be to change up the community outlook and show more than one aspect of the world.  There were a few comments on this article and one in particular was by Kyle Vester, he explained that without the interesting stories like the high-speed chases would take away ratings.   This could be true in ways but then again a lot of the minorities would appreciate the multicultural looks at life. 

This article was very interesting and answered a lot of questions I had about the diversity situation in the media for my major.  I found this article at, on “Who’s News”.


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