These are five blogs that I found entertaining and fun, enjoy!

This first blog I enjoyed, is full of great healthy recipe ideas.  This interested me because I love to eat healthy!

I enjoy E! Entertainment and this interesting blog was about Paris Hilton who rather we like it or not will always be talked about.  So here’s a blogger talking about her prison time.

This is one of my favorite because I love inspirational quotes and this blog has a quote with great meaning everyday!

This blog, is by a classmate of mine but I found his interesting because he has pictures and has put more detail into his blog than mine.

My last blog that I enjoyed was just a random one I came across on google, I liked it because it has humor and convenience in it.  It talks about the Real World, college, etc.  Most all of the posts were interesting and you could tell this site had taken a lot of time!

This is the Link to!


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